Wondering what CAD jewellery is all about?

As experts in CAD jewellery, we specialise in creating new, custom, bespoke pieces of jewellery depending completely on your tastes. We can assist you with the design, or use your own photos and sketches to create the perfect design for you. Our state of the art 3D printers also mean that we can create incredible, life size prototypes so that you can "try before you buy".


Plus our rapid prototyping is the fastest in the industry, so we can often print a caster of your choice of design the very same day!


Although we will price each piece of design work accordingly, below is a guide to our custom made CAD services pricing:


CAD design | £50 & up

Rapid Prototyping | £20 & up 

RENDER, CAD & WAX package | £100 & up


Please note if you are a jeweller, we can also create:


Product renders for websites | £25 & up

3D printing of files supplied | £20 & up 

Alterations of clients CAD files | £15 & up

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